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Diana has lived in the Bunbury region since 1982, having been born and bred on a farm in the wheat belt of W.A. She did her secondary education at Albany HS and tertiary at UWA. Diana first worked as an educator in senior science and zoology in high schools and at UWA with undergraduate students, after which time she had, and raised, four children. Then for 23 years she managed her husband’s law practice and while doing this in 1995 began studying for her own career in analytical psychotherapy, graduating from Churchill clinic in 2000. She has been in private practice in Bunbury since 1996, first as a student under supervision, and then in her own right since 2000. Diana's practice is very mixed as practices are in country regions; from full on analytic work that extends over several years, to counselling and relationship issues, from teens through to seniors including various types and stages of mental illness, and all life stages and difficulties. Diana's is a very full practice within which she works in the psychodynamic way, dealing with the childhood issues and their impacts on future lives. Diana has worked with trauma sufferers for over 20 years, including many clients who have suffered complex trauma, with and the resulting dissociative disorders and DID. Diana cares deeply about complex trauma sufferers and is dedicated to helping them heal. Diana is a clinical member of PACFA, an accredited PACFA mental health practitioner and an accredited PACFA and AAoS clinical supervisor

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Theraputic Approaches
["Psychodynamic psychotherapy"]
Can help with
["Attachment trauma","Child sexual abuse","Incest","Childhood neglect","Cults or Organised abuse","Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)","Dissociation (including Dissociative Identity Disorder)","People who have experienced sexual abuse in institutions","Sexual intimacy issues"]
Client Types
["Men","Women","Lesbian","Gay","Bisexual","Transgender","Asexual","Couples","Young adults (age 16-25)","Older people (over age 65)","Refugees and asylum seekers","Carers\/Loved Ones"]
Consultation Types
["In person","Online\/Video conference","Telephone"]
a:3:{i:0;a:3:{s:17:"Consultation Type";s:20:"Initial consultation";s:8:"Duration";s:8:"One Hour";s:12:"Standard Fee";s:4:"$150";}i:1;a:3:{s:17:"Consultation Type";s:21:"Followup Consultation";s:8:"Duration";s:8:"One Hour";s:12:"Standard Fee";s:4:"$150";}i:2;a:3:{s:17:"Consultation Type";s:0:"";s:8:"Duration";s:0:"";s:12:"Standard Fee";s:0:"";}}
Fee Reduction Options
["Reduced fees by negotiation"]
Benefit Schemes
["Private Health Insurance"]
Business Hours
[{"day":"Monday","daylabel":"Mon","fromtime":"09:00","fromtimelabel":"9:00 am","totime":"17:00","totimelabel":"5:00 pm"},{"day":"Tuesday","daylabel":"Tue","fromtime":"09:00","fromtimelabel":"9:00 am","totime":"17:00","totimelabel":"5:00 pm"},{"day":"Wednesday","daylabel":"Wed","fromtime":"09:00","fromtimelabel":"9:00 am","totime":"17:00","totimelabel":"5:00 pm"},{"day":"Thursday","daylabel":"Thu","fromtime":"09:00","fromtimelabel":"9:00 am","totime":"17:00","totimelabel":"5:00 pm"},{"day":"Friday","daylabel":"Fri","fromtime":"09:00","fromtimelabel":"9:00 am","totime":"17:00","totimelabel":"5:00 pm"}]
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